Mary’s Center Donation Pick-up is a website that is subdivided from a nonprofit organization called Mary’s Center. This becomes the specialized division in collecting donations such as used clothing, shoes, household items used, etc.

Through this web site, Mary’s Center makes it to more donations concretize sites previously could not obtain because not everyone has a way to mobilize and take their donations to their offices in Washington, DC.

Mary’s Center is one of the not-for-profit most recognized in the metropolitan area of Washington, DC and is due to its many clinics and benefits offered to the community, especially to the most needy families.

Like Mary’s Center, you can also make an improvement on its website or an extension of it. And if no website yet, now is the time to start on the right foot revealing all his works, work and activities for their community.

If you are looking to collect donations of any kind, let us advise you and build you a totally safe and easy to use website. Your potential partners and possible donors will be very satisfied browsing your site.

  • Based on WordPress, this site features a main slide show of photos at home and in different internal places.

  • A comprehensive directory of their donors and partners.

  • Multiple forms of contact created exclusively for them.

  • Plus a geolocation of their collection centers. system to find their recycling boxes.

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