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What is a Server

What is a Server

On the Internet, a server is a remote computer (Computer) which provides the data requested by the browser from other computers.

In local networks it is defined as software that configures a PC as a server to provide access to the network and its resources.

Servers store information in the form of web pages and through the HTTP protocol => HyperText Transfer Protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to deliver what customers request (internet browsers as Tu) in HTML format.

In computing, a server is a type of software that performs certain tasks on behalf of users. The term server is now also used to refer to the physical computer on which the software works, a machine whose purpose is to provide information so that other machines can use that data.

The files for each Web site are stored and run on the server. There are many servers on the Internet and many types of servers, but they share the common feature of providing access to files and services.

A server provides information to computers that connect to it. When users connect to a server they can access programs, files and other server information. In most cases, each user has their own data to access the information (username and password) and when you come to your mail server for example.


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What is a Server

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