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12 DIY Halloween Crafts

12 DIY Halloween Crafts

This is for you who enjoy to decorate your house by yourself, every season have its own beauty and this is one of the most enjoyable season of the year. Let’s started….

1. Treat Yourself Jar

Apply a sticker with a spooky or sweet saying to a glass jar before spray painting with a rainbow of colors. Or use orange, white, and yellow for a candy corn-inspired combo.


2. Spooky Mason Jar

You can place these adorable mason jar lanterns all over your home or entryway to give it a spooky glow.



3. Black Bird Art

Use a simple straw wreath trimmed with feathers and paint it black, then put on a black artificial bird and sprinkle it with glitter. Easy!


4. Creepy Black Frame

Spray black paint on a vintage frame and let it dry. Print out some butterfly clip art and get one that says “Beware!” in calligraphy and then cut it out and attach to the empty frame. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon on the back for hanging.



5. Big Bats Decals

Sure, you can get started at the front door, but place these decals all over the house for a seriously spooky swarm.



6. Trick-or-Treat Glowing Bag

The only thing better than a trick-or-treat bag full of candy is a trick-or-treat bag full of candy that illuminates at night. All you need is a stencil and glow-in-the-dark paint.



7. White Pumpkin Greeting

First, paint your pumpkin all over with white spray. Outline a punny phrase in pen, then paint inside the lines. Tie on a smiling tassel ghost from the stem and save to use it again next year.



8. Ghosty Lantern

This is by far the easiest Halloween DIY project ever. Glue black felt ovals onto a jumbo paper lantern and you’ve got yourself a friendly ghost (just like Casper!). Super cute!



9. Skull Planters

If you are that kind of skeletal decoration fan, this diy project is for you. You can tuck in any bare corner. Mix it up with mini cacti, spiky grass, or even trailing ivy. Spooooky!


10. Torched Plants.

You may think that this will kill your precious plants, well, we’re going to use plastic plants instead. Just find the plants that you will like to make it looks torched, apply black spray add some purposeful decay by spray painting plastic greenery jet-black. Top with a little black sand and don’t worry about watering!


11. Creepy Crawlers

You can use mini pumpkins instead of giant gourds for a change. Just bend black pipe cleaners for spidery legs, and scoop out a spot for a flickering tea light.


12. Fake Portrait

Swap out family photos for a haunted depiction of ghostly ancestors that you can download and print from anywhere on internet. And there’s no need to splurge on a fancy frame, either. An old frame from a thrift store will do the trick without costing a bundle.


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  • Thrifty Lady
    Friday October 16th, 2020, 05:34 PM REPLY

    I love this, thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas. I will share this post with my friends.
    Could you do some videos?

    • Celina@Thrifty Lady
      Thursday January 14th, 2021, 10:42 PM REPLY

      Thanks a lot. I will try to make some videos DIY for you and all our followers.



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12 DIY Halloween Crafts

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