• Basic Requiriments

    Basic Requiriments

    In order to have your own Web page, nowadays we have multiple tools and free resources that can build it. But, in case you want to create a serious and formal website, the steps to follow are: Registering a domain: There are many companies dedicated to domain registration. Some of them even offer free registration if

  • What is a Server

    What is a Server

    On the Internet, a server is a remote computer (Computer) which provides the data requested by the browser from other computers. In local networks it is defined as software that configures a PC as a server to provide access to the network and its resources. Servers store information in the form of web pages and

  • What is a Domain Name

    What is a Domain Name

    A domain or domain name is “the name” that identifies a website which would be your trademark. Each domain has to be unique on the Internet. For example, “www.starclownonline.com” is my domain name which is my “brand” and no one else can “register” the same name as a domain name for their website because I have purchased that right and

  • What is a Hosting

    What is a Hosting

    What is generally known as Hosting is nothing but an “accommodation” which is a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the Internet through a Web page. Companies that provide space on a server or multiple customers are called providers and usually offer the following types of accommodations (the most common):

  • 12 DIY Halloween Crafts

    12 DIY Halloween Crafts

    This is for you who enjoy to decorate your house by yourself, every season have its own beauty and this is one of the most enjoyable season of the year. Let’s started…. 1. Treat Yourself Jar Apply a sticker with a spooky or sweet saying to a glass jar before spray painting with a rainbow


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