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I am pleased to introduce myself as your most economic solution to promote your business or projects on the network. My name is Celina Morataya and I have the experience to make your new WebSite a comfortable and attractive place for visitors who actually are, your potential customers.

Having a website means more than a million daily opportunities that people around the world know about you. Even if you want to promote a service or local business, expand the boundaries of your advertising does not dislike anyone. You do not know who could recommend your services or, from where in the world they are looking for what you offer. For example:

I’m very often looking for local services in my country (El Salvador) to do some work right there, for my family or friends. That’s what I mean, being on the internet if powerful.

If you just want to be promoted on a personal level, I can help. But also if you want to promote your small business and make it grow to industrial levels, I can help too.
With the develop of your new website, some other benefits and opportunities come, like to become known on a large scale in this cyber world, I am talking about the popular social networks and blogs. Let me show you how it’s works, just contact me today.


I promise to you that I will manage your project very professional and delivered on-time and on-budget. I guarantee low prices to provide you with service unmatched by my competitors.


I have the experience and resources to make that your new website project run smoothly. I can ensure a job is done on time with no doubt about it. Let’s work together to make the best website for your business.


Work with me involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule I stick to and daily communication and mostly, to your own budget. On our first meeting we will plan the whole project based on it.


By determining project goals and parameters at the outset I can ensure the final product will fulfill its intended purpose. I place a heavy emphasis on understand your needs and believe that it is one of the most valuable deliverables I offer to my clients.


People are more important than profits and accolades. I take care and value the relationships that I develop with my clients. I realize that I am creating something for people, and consider their needs before anything else.


I aim to be myself and not try to be something I’m not. I have the humility to admit I don’t have all the answers, but also confidence in my ability to discover and implement solutions..


  • How much does a website cost?

    As average price of reference to make a standard corporate website with our usual quality I often tell my clients for $ 400 with a static web and $ 650 for interactive websites (long forms, etc.) but remember, it’s an average price from which must be recalculated because you can not easily standardized, it is sometimes more, but always depend on the functionality required to implement on your website, adaptation to mobile devices (responsive), pages in other languages ​​(English and Spanish), level Customization of pictures, social networking integration, entry pages, custom banners, photo retouching, custom icons, screen quality text content to your website, etc. Some websites could cost up to $ 1.500 Why? if it is a self-managed web, management information organization, all images and creating all text (writing), in this case, the customer has no more to do than tell me the whole idea and I do all the work without requiring much help from him/her. And the result is a optimized website with the right images and friendly text with all existing search engines.

  • What is the timeline for the project?

    Small sites can be defined as websites with 15 to 20 pages, typically with a home page, about us, services or capabilities, work samples, and a contact page. Maybe a small blog or photo gallery as well. Those projects can take 6 – 8 weeks.

    There are web designers claiming they only need 1-2 weeks to build a small site. These same web designers admit that this requires the client to have everything ready to go from the moment the project begins- content written, pages planned out, photographs chosen, etc. But even with all your ducks in a row, is this enough time to do a good job? I will say, not really. Only if you are not interested in a healthy SEO integration. That job takes much more time.

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