This Website is informative only. Its owner seeks to make himself known at the search engine level and to be contacted directly, either by phone or by email.

The owner put a lot of effort into the photographs and for that reason he hired a professional photographer and then we chose the best ones for this website. Which is highly recommended to have a great presentation.

The maximum interest of this small businessman is to have a nice presence in Google and all possible search engines to attract even more customers.

  • Based on WordPress, and adapted to the colors and shapes of the business.

  • The “About Us” is remarkable, has been create using the words of its owner, because it is important that customers know who they are dealing with.

  • Although the website itself is quite simple, our client asked us to create it in two languages (English and Spanish). This attracts more customers who speak any of those languages.

This site doesn’t exist anymore!

Are you looking something like this Project?

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