This is an E-commerce website or a Shop Online based on Shopify.

The owners are looking to increase their sales through this new tool online, they already have a physical Store in Woodridge, but now they want to grow and I am here to help them.

I provided them my photography professional services for some of their items like: crowns and bouquets, the pictures are showing as Accessories on their website.

The owners of this beautiful Store are constantly doing promotion on Social Media such as Facebook, Instragram and more recently on Tik Tok. That is something that I encourage to all my clients because is where the potential customers are, and I can help with that.

  • Based on the Shopify platform, and completely customized.

  • I have created a custom form for their subscribers.

  • The most valuable items, the ones that require more information about the client, contain a form so that they can request an appointment to see the item, measure themselves, and negotiate personally.

  • It also contains a conventional contact form with their location data and the Google map.

  • This website, like all the ones I do, has been optimized for easy finding by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Are you looking something like this Project?

Do not hesitate to contact me and I can work on a nice proposal for you as soon you get in touch with me.

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